5 Facts you need to know about American Muslims

5 Facts you need to know about American Muslims

American Muslims

Muslims is the term used for those people who have declared belief in Islam. Today, over one quarter of the world’s population comprise of Muslims. A common misconception many people perceive is that most Muslims are Arabs. In fact, the majority of Muslims around the world are non-Arabs. The population of Muslims in America estimates to about 7 million. In today’s time, many misconceptions surround the identity of American Muslims, bringing them in the forefront of the public eye. Here are the top 5 facts about American Muslims that you need to know.

1.   Islam is a Religion of Peace

Islam literally means peace or submission to the will of God. It promotes peaceful interaction and just dealings with all nations and neighbors. Islam places immense emphasis on respecting all the rights of man, no matter what religion he may belong to. There is no place in Islam for violence, blasphemy or any sort of counterproductive activity that may be a source of harm for society.

2.   About 7 million Muslims currently reside in the U.S.

Currently, Muslims account for about 2.1% of the American population, estimating to about 7 million Muslims living in the U.S. Muslims are spread throughout the 50 states with stronghold areas being California, New York, New Jersey and Michigan. These figures may seem small to you, but the impact American Muslims have made throughout the course of history, art, culture, science and Government make up for that by tenfold.

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3.   The increasingly diverse American Muslim population is acknowledgeable

American Muslims living in the U.S. have immigrated from every part of the earth. A colorful blend of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds is hard to ignore. American Muslims come from at least 77different countries. From the likes of countries such as Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt or Malaysia, the list is never ending.

4.   American Muslims have made a great name for themselves in various sectors of the U.S.

From being politically active and holding Government office positions to being the world’s ground breaking scientists and renowned Nobel laureates, American Muslims have strived to earn respect in all sectors of the U.S. Muhammad Ali, legend of boxing, is another example of a great American Muslims who has influenced American history. Over 20,000 American Muslim physicians serve to save lives of thousands each day, with over 100 free health clinics. Many American Muslims serve in the army and fight for or defend the U.S. overseas. Despite the increased scrutiny and religious discrimination they face at work for being Muslim, they continue to offer their services for the well being of the nation.

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5.   The number of mosques present in the U.S. exceeds 2000

Over 2000 mosques are present in the U.S, with New York and California containing 1/4th of the country’s mosques. Contrary to many people’s belief and the negative perception displayed by the media, mosques serve as a place for worship and civic engagement. Many American Muslims are active members at their mosque, involved in community and social outreach activities.

Despite what many may believe American Muslims are an integral part of the U.S. nation. The media stereotype of Muslims is far from reality. The majority of Muslims, including those from America are peace loving human beings with many of them working hard to live up to the great ideals of Islam.

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