Islam is a Beautiful Religion

Islam is a Beautiful Religion

Allah SWT sent down his message on earth through Messengers starting from Prophet Adam and ending on Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Islam is a beautiful religion that Allah Almighty chose to be the best. It is a complete way of life and focuses on an individual’s relationship with Allah. It invigorates the believer to have a continuous awareness of the Creator which is a key to eternal happiness.

benefits of islam religion

The teachings of Islam show that tranquility and inner peace can only be acquired by maintaining the relationship with Allah SWT and following his guidance. Pursuing eternal happiness through means like an accumulation of wealth and obeying one’s desire can never top up the emptiness we have. Only awareness of Allah can fill this void. The satisfaction and contentment can only be found by obeying and acknowledging the Creator. In Quran Surah Ra’d verse 28 it is stated:

Ar-Ra'd 28

Islam Is a Beautiful Religion

Let’s discuss some attributes on Islam is a beautiful religion.

Concept of Allah

Islam gives a unique aspect that is different from other religion in terms of the name. The word Islam signifies the obedience to the Lord of the Heavens. The best part is that it acknowledges the uniqueness, greatness, and complete perfection of Allah SWT. This concept is reflected in the teachings and attributes of Almighty Allah.

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Highlights both Faith and Evidence

The faith is purely based on proof in Islam. It is a religion that encourages individuals to utilize their intelligence and ponder over the universe. Even though the life is merely a test, Allah SWT has provided enough signs and guidance to individuals who are sincere and open-minded to recognize the truth. In Surah Nur verse 46. Allah SWT states:

An-nur 46

Quran is from Allah

Quran is a miracle of Allah SWT. This can be deduced from many miracles, signs, and proofs all verifying that Quran is the word of Allah. Some rationale proves are:

Quran is free of contradictions and errors despite the fact that it was revealed over a time period of twenty-three years.

The scientific facts mentioned in Quran are recently discovered even though Quran is revealed 1400 years before.

Universal Message

The message of Islam is timeless, and it applies to all generations starting from Prophet Adam up till the Judgment day. It is applicable today the same way as it was at the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Allah SWT is accessible to every individual on the face of the earth. The ultimate goal is to please the Creator by true faith and righteous deeds.

Islam gives a beautiful and everlasting message that was given by all Messengers including Prophet Eisa (Christ), Prophet Musa (Moses), and Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Successful is the one who submits himself to Allah and acquires countless benefits provided by Islam.

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