Manasik of Umrah

Manasik of Umrah

Manasik of Umrah

Umrah is a glorious expedition to the House of Allah the Almighty. The followers of Prophet Muhammad PBUH from all around the world flock to the birthplace of their beloved Prophet PBUH, the Makkah to perform this sacred act of worship. They follow the footsteps of the leader of Prophets and execute his grand Sunnah. The ultimate reward of Umrah is an expiation of sins and protection against poverty. However, this act of worship has to meet two conditions to get accepted in the eyes of Allah SWT:

Intentions must be sincerity towards the Creator of the world and to seek countenance of Allah SWT and hereafter
Following the beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH in word and deed by knowing his Sunnah

Rights of Umrah

Umrah is one of the best deeds to please Allah SWT. It is composed of four rights namely:

  1. Ihram
  2. Tawaaf of Holy Kaabah
  3. Sa’iy
  4. Clipping hair or shaving head.

Entering the state of Ihram

Ihram is having the intentions of commencing the rituals of Umrah. It means “to make haram (forbidden).” When a believer declares his intentions and utters Talbiyah, then certain permissible things become forbidden. The two white sheets are symbolically known as Ihram; however, the real ihram is intention and Talbiyah. Men wear two pieces of cloth and women wear abaya and hijab that conceals all their body parts except for face and hands.

Tawaaf of Holy Kaabah

Tawaaf is the circumambulation of the House of Allah Almighty with extreme devotion and love. The believers demonstrate their affection by praising the Lord of Heavens through lips and show humility by encircling around Kaabah on foot. Ablution is a prerequisite for tawaaf. Tawaaf starts from Black Stone. After performing Istilam (kissing, touching or pointing towards Black Stone) the pilgrim turns right and starts tawaaf counter clockwise. The tawaaf completes after seven circuits.


Sa’iy is reliving the Sunnah of Hazrat Hajira AS by running between hills of Safa and Marwah. Sa’iy starts from Safa and ends at Marwah by making seven recurrent trips. Walking from Safa hill to Marwah Hill is considered a single trip. The pilgrims supplicate, praise Allah SWT and recite Quran during Sa’iy.

Shaving Head or Clipping Hair

The last right of Umrah is shaving head or clipping hair. Shaving head is preferable for men whereas clipping hair is also permissible for them. Shaving head is forbidden for women; they must clip a lock of their hair to complete Umrah.

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