Principles of Islam

Principles of Islam in Detail

Principles of Islam, Islam is the religion beloved to Allah Almighty which is sent down through his most beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This religion came down to free humanity from the shackles of nescience, ignorance, and agnosticism. On an individual level, it served as food for the soul, and on a societal level, it brought peace and tranquility. A person like Hazrat Umar RA, a fierce and stern character whose mere presence would bring shivers to the people was revamped in a kind and gentle being with a rock-solid character. This is the miracle of Islam.

The religion of Islam has some certain principles that have to be followed by every believer. These basic principles capture all the obligatory corners of faith that lead us to the main devotion i.e. there is no God or deity except Allah!

Principles of Islam

Principle of Islam

The meaning of Islam is absolute submission to Allah SWT. The people who submit to the will of Almighty Allah are known as Muslims. This submission is the core of all actions. The essence of Islam is not merely based on outward form rather it resides in the spirit of actions. That is why every Muslims is judged on the intention of his action alone.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH in many of his saying gave us the fundamental principles of Islam. Islam has been founded on five pillars:

  • Shahadah: bearing witness that only Allah SWT is the God and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is His messenger
  • Salah: Offering five obligatory prayers
  • Sawm: Observing fasting in the month of Ramadan as an obligation.
  • Zakah: Giving out 2.5% of total extra assets in charity on annual basis.
  • Hajj: Travelling to Holy Ka’aba and perform hajj rituals.

These five basic principles of Islam consist of spirit as well as outward form. If a Muslim performs Hajj with zeal and zest, but his intention is to become respectful in the community, then there is no reward for him from Almighty Allah. Such is the significance of actual spirit, the intention of a Muslim.

Absolute Faith on Prophets, Angels, and Holy Books

To become faithful servants of Allah SWT, it is necessary that we believe in these important concepts which form its doctrine. It orders us to believe in Prophets and Messengers namely Hazrat Adam, Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Dawood, Hazrat Eisa, etc. The scripture sent down to these Prophets must also be believed. However, the scriptures are altered by humans with time, except the Holy Quran. Therefore, in recent times, the Holy Quran is the only book of guidance that has the true wordings sent down on earth thorugh Angel Jibraeel AS and narrated by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

To believe that Quran is the last and most perfect book and every word of Quran is the word of Allah SWT is also essential. Quran was sent through Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) who is the most respectful angel of Allah SWT. So, belief in angels which are the luminous beings that obey every command of Allah SWT is also the part of faith.

A Firm Belief on Resurrection and Judgment Day

The belief on the Judgment day is crucial as well. It is the day of resurrection when the deeds of every man will be weighed and based on this he will be blessed with Jannah or sent to hell.


The principles of Islam give us a way of life. It provides us with the reason for our existence, inform us about the unseen and enlighten us to about the criteria of being successful in hereafter which is the real success.


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