How to make dua

Right Way of Making Dua

Right Way of Making Dua, Dua is a beautiful way of asking, talking, begging, supplicating and requesting Allah Almighty. Allah SWT is the Lord of the worlds. He is the Owner, the Giver and the Architect of everything. He SWT has bestowed humankind with everything. Since one can never remain happy and satisfied forever, there come certain times when nature takes the test of man’s patience and left him perplexed and bewildered. That is when Muslims take benefit of faith and asks help of Allah Almighty. As mentioned in Quran:

Right Way of Making Dua

-Al Baqarah 2:186


And O beloved, when my servants ask you about Me, then I am indeed near. I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me. Subsequently, they should obey My commands and believe in Me, so that they can get the way.”

The Art of Making Dua

Supplicating to Allah Almighty is an art. If Allah SWT is called upon in right way and with proper etiquettes, then it can result in opening the doors of Allah’s bounties and bliss. To achieve this follow the points listed on Right Way of Making Dua:

Praise Allah –The Exalted

Before asking from Allah SWT of your dire needs praise to him. Call him with his beautiful attributes and names from the core of your heart. Indeed Allah SWT is praiseworthy, and all praises are for him alone. Quran states in Surah Al Israa, ayah 110;

Right Way of Making Dua

-Al Israa,17:110



The most significant condition of all is sincerity. If you make dua with sincerity, it will have a significant effect. One must have firm belief that only Allah the Glorified is the owner of everything and only he can meet your needs. Quran states:


Among many reasons, sin is one of the chief causes when duas are not accepting. That is why hasten to turn back to Allah SWT and make repentance before making dua. Quran states:

Right Way of Making Dua

Right way of making Dua

Right Way of Making Dua

–Nooh, 71:10-12


“So, beg forgiveness of your Lord, verily, He is the most forgiving. He will send rain to you in abundance, and give increase in wealth and children, and bestow on you paradise and make for you streams.”

Be Humble

Humbleness is the essence, spirit and actual purpose of dua. Beseeching and hoping for Allah’s reward while fearing his punishment is imperative. One must not act as if he deserves the thing he is asking for. Acknowledge your position before Allah and never be proud. Allah SWT said in Quran:

Right Way of Making Dua 4

-Al Airaaf, 7:55


Duas of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The best and most concise words are the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He PBUH has made dua on every occasion that one face in his life. Try to memorize his duas and ask Allah SWT in the words of his dearest Prophet PBUH.

Let Allah SWT Decide

Sometimes we keep asking Allah SWT about a thing, and we do not get it. It is because whatever we are asking may not be in our best interest and Allah SWT knows best. It is better to let Allah SWT decide and believe in His wisdom. In Surah Al Baqarah Allah states:

“And it may happen that you dislike anything but it is good for you and it may happen that you like anything but it is bad for you in actual. Allah SWT knows and you know not.” Al Baqarah, 2:216


Always keep in mind that there are three responses to dua. Either Allah SWT accepts it, and grants the person his wish, or He SWT wards off evil from the individual due to this dua or He saves it for the Judgment Day when the person will need it the most. It’s all about right way of making dua.

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