the 4 principles of success

The 4 Principles Of Success –According To Islam

What is a Success? How do you define success?

Principles Of Success, Looking up in the dictionary, we find the literal meaning of success as; “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.”

The renowned celebrities as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Michael Jackson define success as the attainment of wealth, position, and honors. If this definition is true then why suicide is the leading cause in the west? Why are the wealthy nations suffering from unhappiness and stress? For instance, in USA stress contributes to 50% of all illness. So, we can’t take these scales as the real success of life.

The Ultimate success is surely the peace of heart, the permanent feeling of satisfaction one would achieve –is the true success.

How Islam Does Defines the Success?

Islam defines real success in the best way. It teaches us the real success and peace lies in submitting to the commandments of Allah SWT who is the Creator and Sustainer of this world. Almighty Allah says in Surah Al-Ra’d:

Principles of success

“They are the ones who believed and their hearts find satisfaction (and sustenance) with the remembrance of Allah. Behold, in the remembrance of Allah Alone, there is the ultimate satisfaction of the hearts.”

The Real Success of Life Lies in the Remembrance of Allah

In Surah Taha Allah SWT defines how success can be attained in both worlds;

Principles of success 20_124 (2)

“And whoever turned away himself from My remembrance, then definitely, for him there is a flatten life, and We shall rise him blind on the Day of Resurrection.” -20: 124

This explains why several people commit suicide while they enjoy all the material comfort the money can buy. Earning and Spending money –the Islamic way.

The 4 Non-failing Principles of success according to Islam

Principles of success 2

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Quran gives us a winning strategy in Surah Al-Asar as:

principles of success

principles of success

“Indeed, man is inevitably at loss. But those who believed and did good and reinforced each other to committed on truth, and counseled each other to be persistent.” 103: 2,3

By the time the human is indeed in loss except:

Those who believe

Those who do righteous deeds

Those who support one another with truth

Those who support one another with perseverance

This Surah starts with the mention of time and indicates success in not measured by the amount of money one possesses but depends on how one spends his time. What a fairest standard of winning!

Some prerequisite of success from this Surah are mentioned below:

Spiritual Strength

Imagine you start an expedition without knowing your final destination. Therefore, the first step in the winning strategy is to have a firm belief. You must believe in Allah SWT and know that the final destination is hereafter. The spiritual strength depends on the regular connection to Allah SWT and His Message-Quran. It helps you remember the Almighty and keep you in His path. This is very important from the principles of success.

Hard work

Hard work is another important factor on the way to success. Practicing the obligatory acts like Salah, Zakah, Fast and Hajj require continuous effort and struggle. These are the traits of Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who are the successful ones.

Remind Each Other

Reminding each other toward goodness and kindness is another essential ingredient on the way to success.  Allah SWT orders us in Surah Al-Imran:

principles of success

principles of success

“And hold fast by the rope of Allah, all together, and be not divided, and remember Allah’s favor upon you. Consider when there was enmity amongst you, He joined your hearts together then, by His grace, you become brothers together, and you were at the edge of the fire pit, then He rescued you; therefore, Allah explains his signs to you; so that you can get guidance.”

“And let be a group among you that call towards righteousness and sway to stop from evil. And these are those attained to their goals.


Another major element to achieve success is encouraging each other to be patient and determined. Being steadfast in the time of difficulty or ease both results in success. Allah SWT states in Surah Al-Imran:

principles of success

Conclusion Principles Of Success

In a nutshell, Islam gives us the best solution to achieve the real success of life. A person wishing for success should incorporate principles of Islam in life and climb the ladder of real success for this life and hereafter. May Allah lead us to the most successful path for both –Ameen.

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