4 Ultimate Benefits of Performing Umrah in December

4 Ultimate Benefits of Performing Umrah in December

Umrah is a greatest Sunnah in Islam which means to make a trip to a populated area. It is the voyage of Muslims towards the house of Allah Almighty where they utter labaik and prostrate in front of Allah SWT. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year. It is a voluntary form of worship that is executed out of devotion and love for the Almighty Allah. That is why Muslims of the world yearn to perform Umrah and receive heaps of rewards.

Umrah in december

4 Ultimate Benefits of Performing Umrah in December

Umrah in December is an exciting affair as Muslims in the world are enjoying annual holidays and making plans with their families to carry out this spiritual journey. There are many benefits of performing Umrah in December. Some of the significant ones are as follows.

Lovely Weather

Saudi Arabia is a hot climatic region and has scorching weather throughout the year. Except for December when it is delightfully pleasant and is favorable for every pilgrim. Umrah services become hard in rest of the months as pilgrims become tired and it becomes difficult to keep spirits high. This is the big motivation for visiting the House of Allah SWT in December as it produces a memorable journey for every Muslim.

Less Crowded

Makkah is the place where Tawaaf is made throughout the day and night. People in Haram do not sleep as everyone is busy in performing rituals and doing worship. This makes it the most crowded places in the world. There is an ocean of pilgrims whenever you visit House of Allah except for December. So if you wish to perform Umrah in peace and full attentiveness than this is the time folks!

Annual Leaves

Every year people in the world enjoy December holidays and spend this time with family. Some make world tours and trip to have the time of their lives. However, if you wish to make fruitful investments in the hereafter then plan Umrah trip with family and friends. Holy Kaabah is the best place to be in the world so what else can be superior to this?

Enjoy Lavish Packages

Many traveling agencies offer generous packages and living arrangements during December. You can get a residence close to Haram where you can enjoy the most beautiful sight on earth just across your window. This is the month of discount so take full advantage this year by traveling to Makkah with family.


Although there are hundreds of advantages of performing Umrah in December yet our intentions must be pure and focus should be to please Allah Almighty. May Allah SWT accept the efforts of every Muslims who take on this journey of a lifetime.